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We analyze reams of data before recommending a commercial printing solution.

As a leading managed print services consultant, we dive deeply into your global print purchasing and production approach and find opportunities to improve efficiency, product quality, speed to market, and ROI. Our dedicated print management experts combine this analysis with our market intelligence to deliver straightforward, money-saving, burden-reducing solutions.

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Print Consulting

Simplify your print supply chain so you can see where you can save.

Because we take an action-oriented approach to managed print solutions, you can start seeing savings immediately.

We’ll show you:

  • Ways to improve production processes and gain additional value
  • How to minimize time and expense tied to the supply chain
  • Critical information for creating an improved RFQ
  • A summary and analysis of product purchases by category

We have the print acuity to see every project through on time and on budget.

The majority of our sales reps come from the printing industry, giving us the knowledge and experience to achieve a superior finished product at the best price. These experts are supported by technical staff skilled in print procurement, print contract negotiations, print production, and postage discounts, as well as regulatory and compliance experts who minimize risk and identify best practices.

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Print management

Transform a major expense into a major strength.

Let Graphic Communications become the liaison between you and print supply chain partners to create efficiencies, find the best partners, improve quality, and leverage technology to simplify the ongoing management of print programs, large or small.

Gain efficiencies when you shift the massive task of print management to us.

Coordinating vendors, getting bids, locating sources of printing paper, determining postage requirements for your mailings. These daily tasks are taken over by our experts when you let us manage your print programs. Imagine what you can accomplish with the time you regain.

Our managed print services also include:

  • Reengineering manufacturing plans to create efficiencies and competitive advantage
  • Overseeing your supply chain and recommending the best partners (yours or ours)
  • Using web-based technologies to provide real-time process management

PrintMedia Manager makes managing print procurement easier

Ask us about PrintMedia Manager - our new best-in-class technology platform, specifically designed to serve buyers of printed media and collateral. Click here to request a PrintMedia Manager demonstration today!

Experience continual improvements in costs, quality, and processes.

The printing business is complex, making it hard to know if your print programs are operating at their best. When you work with GC, you’ll have access to live data of key performance indicators, so we can tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

We regularly:

  • Review your paper and print acquisition process
  • Suggest ways to improve your systems
  • Implement and manage quality programs and products
  • Share best practices for continuous improvement

Gain total transparency through our exclusive, web-based print management system.

Through our proprietary print management software, Veritiv™ PRINTACUITY, you gain visibility and control over your business printing programs. PRINTACUITY is a powerful web-based technology offering superior analytics, warehouse and distribution workflow, metrics, and robust reporting capabilities. It enables you to easily manage ongoing print programs, whether you operate a single location or a nationwide network.

Preserve and enhance your brand.

Because we use policies to ensure corporate, supplier and environmental compliance, you can be confident your brand will remain unblemished.

Our expertise runs deep within the industries we serve.

Each person on our team specializes in retail, catalogs, and other categories rather than geographical locations. Because of this, they can offer deep insights into your industry, and help you make more informed choices on everything from the right papers for your communications, to the best paper mills from which to source them, and the most efficient printers for the products you need.

See how our printing solutions experts serve each industry.

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We specialize in offering world-class print management services for:
Retailers Direct Mail Magazine Financial Institutions Groceries Catalogs