Shift the weight of postal minutiae to us.

Graphic Communications can optimize your mailings and help you take advantage of discounts and promotions available through the postal service.

We’ll guide you through the requirements of bulk mailings, so you understand what’s needed without getting mired in minutiae. We’ll simplify the system to reveal efficiencies and show you ways to optimize your mail pieces and develop a distribution strategy to ensure you use the most cost effective postage solutions.

Just one penny per mailer can significantly lower postage costs each year.

There are always opportunities to save in the postal system—if you know where to look. But to find them, you need a depth of knowledge about ever-fluctuating regulations. Our print solutions representatives understand the changing dynamics in the postal industry.  With our experience in postal regulations, technical matters, and distribution strategies, we can devise a plan to generate savings fast.

Ready to start saving those pennies?

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GC can find savings and help you navigate the complex postal system like no one else.

GC is the only paper and print consultant to offer extensive postage solutions and services in-house. Using comprehensive insights on mail preparation, postage savings, and regulations, we offer the following services:

  • Assistance adhering to U.S. Postal Services (USPS) rules
  • Interpretation of USPS regulations and guidelines
  • Budgetary and cost evaluation including presort optimization, drop shipping, and co-mailing
  • Full-service mail preparation and PostalOne reporting analytics
  • Review procedures to retain permits and rights to mail and to reduce additional postage costs