Our expertise runs deep within the industries we serve.


In addition to offering the broadest selection of catalog paper to ensure supply and quality, our in-house experts can also help you optimize your mailings to reduce postage costs and create an environmentally savvy approach to paper that bolsters your sustainability. We’ll help you take advantage of opportunities so you can improve your distribution strategy, lower costs, and become more efficient while delivering the highest quality catalogs.


Assisting retailers has been core to our business for over 35 years—and continues to be one of our main areas of focus. Many top retailers partner with us, relying on our expertise and ability to make sure their print and paper programs are operating at their best. With our extensive range of suppliers, we can deliver the highest quality paper on time and at a competitive price, so your campaigns go off without a hitch.

Direct Mail

We can help you maximize your direct mail campaigns. We look at your program from every angle and show you how to refine your paper usage, select the best printers for your communications, and find savings on postage. Partner with us to ensure your direct mail programs are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.


We can help you protect your brand by sourcing competitively priced, quality paper for your various publications. By collaborating with you, our experts can identify the right paper for your magazine publishing needs, offer ideas on how to reduce postage, and optimize the logistics for distributing your magazines.

Financial Institutions

With the countless paper-based communications you produce—from brochures for local branches to credit card solicitations—you need stable and expansive options for sourcing your paper. We are paper and printer neutral, enabling us to provide the best options from multiple sources. Our smart tools can help you comply with your print and paper programs and demonstrate your savings through robust reporting. So, whether you need assistance managing your print programs or require an experienced paper supplier, GC can help.


We’ve been partnering with groceries—from regional stores to national chains—for over 30 years. We strive to provide long-term, competitively priced paper and printing solutions by aligning you with sustainable partners who share our creative problem-solving ability.