Graphic Communications
experts understand the
art and economics of
print and paper.

Graphic Communications is a premier paper broker and print management consultancy representing a cross-section of the finest papermakers in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Established in 1979, Graphic Communications has grown from a modest paper and print broker to a thriving paper distributor with multiple locations. This kind of growth is made possible through our highly experienced, top-performing industry experts.

Our passion for and commitment to printed communications drives everything we do. So, naturally, our approach isn’t transactional—it’s about using our market expertise to help you outperform your competition. So, while you’re focused on your own business, we’re working on new ways to simplify your paper and print programs.

We believe that the more you can see, the more you can save.

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One of the largest print management and paper consultants in the world.

In more than 20 offices throughout the US, about 125 employees sell and service more than 1 million tons of paper for high-profile businesses, and more than $150 million in printing a year, with combined sales in excess of $1 billion. Together with our parent company, Veritiv®, we distribute nearly 3.5 million tons of paper every year-making us one of the largest independent paper and print consultants in the world.

But even at that volume, we care about long-term relationships, not just transactions. Without the mutual respect and cooperative spirit we share with the world’s best paper mills, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish this.

Our numbers speak volumes about our experience, our negotiating skills, and our clients—who represent the top global retail, catalog, direct mail, and corporate communities.

Our clients can follow the entire print and paper process, without the burden of managing it all themselves.

Once a partnership is formed with a client, we formulate a plan to accomplish the client’s goals. We handle all of the time-consuming details involved with working with paper mills and printers. We keep track of all the details, and our clients gain time, save money, and get better quality products. All on a single invoice.