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Everything has changed since Ts’ai Lun invented paper some 2,000 years ago. Well, almost everything. Even as old and new media converges in this age of all things digital, there’s still never a day or waking hour that isn’t made better by some form of paper.

But now more than ever, print marketing must be carefully crafted, from paper selection to packaging. Graphic Communications believes the medium is the message, and anything worth saying is worth saying on paper. Together with our parent company, Veritiv Corporation, we are one of the largest independent paper and print consultants in the world.

Representing a cross section of the finest papermakers and printers around the globe, GC and Veritiv clients publish on more than 2.5 million tons and $5 billion of paper annually. Every year, we save national and global customers tens of millions of dollars, and we’ve spent millions on world-class, innovative technologies that help elevate their image.

If it’s the goal of your paper and print program to:

  • Improve budgeting, estimating and sourcing
  • Centralize and standardize the procurement process
  • Streamline and simplify workflow with technology
  • Increase quality, compliance, speed and repeatability
  • Maintain consistent brand and sustainability standards
  • Save money and time by enhancing productivity

… our Uadvantage paper solution offers the tools and resources to make it happen. Our turnkey, client-managed platform helps you organize, execute and control your paper volume with untold ease, transparency and efficiency. The bottom line is a total savings of 15 to 30 percent in the first year.

Uadvantage is the only fully automated, seamless solution that addresses the life cycle of paper through the entire print sourcing and procurement process. Our incomparable network provides worldwide access to leading suppliers specializing in commercial, financial, digital and direct mail papers and forms, among other products.

Paper continues to be one of the most important and relevant inventions. Ever. It’s changing, but it isn’t going away.

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Despite the Digital Age, the paper industry is thriving and developing sustainable practices to protect the planet.

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