About Us

Founded in 1979, Graphic Communications is a privately held company of Unisource Worldwide, Inc., North America’s largest independent distributor of commercial printing and business imaging papers, packaging materials and equipment, and facility supplies and equipment. Unisource manages more than 150,000 national and private-label products.

Together, we are one of the world’s largest independent paper and print communications consultants, representing a cross section of the finest papermakers and printers around the globe. Our companies also have offices across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Graphic Communications and Unisource buy more competitively priced, high-quality printing papers than any other domestic or international corporation.

GC and Unisource clients publish on more than 2.5 million tons and $5 billion of paper annually. Every year, we save national and global customers tens of millions of dollars on paper, print and packaging solutions. Graphic and Unisource spend millions on world-class, innovative technologies that can help elevate your brand image.

We supply printers with fast delivery from the industry’s most sophisticated supply chain network that includes local and imported products with more than 13,000 SKUs and 650 brands. We have 80 North American distribution centers, 15 million square feet of inventory and 300 million pounds of stocked paper for every imaginable print product.

In addition to traditional paper and print services, GC and Unisource also specialize in packaging design and products, logistics solutions, facility supplies, paper importing-exporting, paper converting and paper product stores.

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